Confessions of a Wallflower

  • Where Have I Been?

    Hey y’all! It feels so good to be back after my break or sabbatical. To be honest, I was feeling extra burned out with blogging, social media, and trying to read books and make content for all the platforms I’m active on. It was draining me to be honest! Mentally, I was ready to just…

  • “Miss Quinces” Book Review

    Hey y’all! I just read a super cute graphic novel called “Miss Quinces” by Kat Fajardo. I saw this book on Instagram on a fellow teacher’s post about middle grade graphic novel recommendations and so of course I put it on my wishlist on Amazon and a kind soul bought it for me. I didn’t…

  • “Love on the Brain” Book Review

    Hey y’all! It feels so good to be back with ya’ll with another book review. This time, I’ve just finished “Love on the Brain” by Ali Hazelwood. If her name sounds super familiar, it’s because she’s the author of “The Love Hypothesis” and several novellas. She is awesome. When she announced this book, I went…

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