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  • Frozen Yogurt Bark

    Hey guys! Frozen yogurt bark. Let those words set in for you I first saw the recipe for frozen yogurt bark on Pioneer Woman (I’m slightly obsessed with Ree Drummond btw) on Food Network. I thought to myself, my that looks mighty tasty. That was months ago. Fast forward to yesterday, I was on instagram…

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  • How To Build Your Best Morning

    Mornings. Who love them? Especially a monday morning. In my opinion it’s so hard to peel myself out of bed…out of the warmth of my covers to face the day. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pessimistic, just lazy (tbh). Since I’m a college student, I usually would wake up whenever I have class. I’m…

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  • Love Your Body

    Omg y’all. I have just completed Tone It Up’s Love Your Body challenge and let me tell you, it has opened my eyes to lots of things. First things first, some of you might wonder, what’s Tone It Up? Tone It Up (TIU) is a fitness community for women who want to…improve their bodies. However, not only…

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